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Marc Marc 6e61804e45f8b964061861731e82f1bf3cfd5f52 6e61804e45f8b964061861731e82f1bf3cfd5f52 Merge pull request #5370 from senky/ticket/15805
[ticket/15805] Add result to core.login_box_redirect
Marc Marc 6478e983085ba56af3bf3d7dd9fd9a4a1b48ec8b 6478e983085ba56af3bf3d7dd9fd9a4a1b48ec8b Merge pull request #5355 from marc1706/ticket/15770
[ticket/15770] Make sure sphinx limits are cast to int
Marc Marc 2de198e30ddb1d9c12dd251f20d5aa57572bd7a0 2de198e30ddb1d9c12dd251f20d5aa57572bd7a0 Merge pull request #5354 from Elsensee/ticket/15329
[ticket/15329] Parse drafts before saving them (and decode)
Marc Marc a0d2f4cab1adc06c0596371e3e0e55191067df4f a0d2f4cab1adc06c0596371e3e0e55191067df4f Merge pull request #5353 from Elsensee/ticket/15607
[ticket/15607] Skip ban and disabled checks when deleting cookies
Marc Marc 8ff2a74fd9974fc8742bacfaf3cf55fdd449f42c 8ff2a74fd9974fc8742bacfaf3cf55fdd449f42c Merge pull request #5346 from senky/ticket/15768
[ticket/15768] Add a license to a repository

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