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  • Marc

    Marc cc7c1c8447496f1d34721442505481d7883668c2

    Merge pull request #5516 from toxyy/ticket/15944
    [ticket/15944] Add core.posting_modify_quote_attributes

  • Alec <>

    Alec <> 36083872e0e6fc7a9541e350067d5929566d76c3 m

    [ticket/15944] Add core.posting_modify_quote_attributes
    Allow modification of the quote attributes of the current post being quoted
    Any information in there can be changed without affecting the rest of the page
    New attributes can also be added if an extension needed to as well


    • phpBB/posting.php (version 36083872e0e6fc7a9541e350067d5929566d76c3)