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  • Marc

    Marc d47a22dda0c94c34bd3673c838ec7606fb6dbeee

    Merge pull request #4381 from wesleyfok/ticket/14709
    [ticket/14709] add post_id to mod log

  • Wesley Fok <>

    Wesley Fok <> d53f75f6682883fce060d9aecae2a5639d0bf7f1 m

    [ticket/14709] add post_id to mod log
    Add the missing post_id value to the moderator log entry created upon
    deleting one or more posts in the MCP topic view.


    • phpBB/includes/mcp/mcp_main.php (version d53f75f6682883fce060d9aecae2a5639d0bf7f1)