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  • nicofuma

    nicofuma 1f8f1b62866a51c8b728915fd8de6614c0ed4b0d

    Merge pull request #4596 from JoshyPHP/ticket/14914
    [ticket/14914] Made emoji scale in size with text

  • JoshyPHP <>

    JoshyPHP <> f111e70fc3959d979e61e8134fcaefb670b32603 m

    [ticket/14914] Made emoji scale in size with text

    • phpBB/phpbb/textformatter/s9e/factory.php (version f111e70fc3959d979e61e8134fcaefb670b32603)
    • phpBB/styles/prosilver/theme/common.css (version f111e70fc3959d979e61e8134fcaefb670b32603)
    • tests/text_formatter/s9e/default_formatting_test.php (version f111e70fc3959d979e61e8134fcaefb670b32603)