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  • Marc

    Marc 89b07af756feab21223111dac259a28d3194b3ed

    Merge pull request #6406 from Noxwizard/ticket/17003
    [ticket/17003] Include topic icon on UCP front page

  • Marc

    Marc 7275f9e7f15b34147de365b286e76e7d0eb45c92 m

    [ticket/17003] Small code style adjustmens

    • phpBB/includes/ucp/ucp_main.php (version 7275f9e7f15b34147de365b286e76e7d0eb45c92)
  • Patrick Webster

    Patrick Webster 040c2e9b78945ae6308286485ec9287db2d92133 m

    [ticket/17003] Include topic icon on UCP front page
    Prosilver already supports rendering topic icons on this view, but the backend
    didn't populate the needed topicrow values.


    • phpBB/includes/ucp/ucp_main.php (version 040c2e9b78945ae6308286485ec9287db2d92133)
    • phpBB/styles/prosilver/template/ucp_main_front.html (version 040c2e9b78945ae6308286485ec9287db2d92133)