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  • Marc

    Marc 7786b78e94e123b61b33bb63dafa5ad7b75cf48e

    Merge branch '3.2.x'

  • Marc

    Marc 89e29bb8468d53f1fb98f70af4cdc346491aec7e m

    Merge pull request #5118 from FH3095/patch-1
    [ticket/15520] sql_build_query build subquery

  • FH <>

    FH <> 4577404fc2a389b6c3294ae97aa285e838057f0f m

    [ticket/15520] sql_build_query build subquery
    Fix for the building of subqueries
    in sql_build_query


    • phpBB/phpbb/db/driver/driver.php (version 4577404fc2a389b6c3294ae97aa285e838057f0f)