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phpBB Ascraeus

  • Cesar G <prototech91@gmail.com>

    Cesar G <prototech91@gmail.com> 080690073aa63ec484bc5d553e412b0f8325feb1

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'Wolfsblvt/ticket/13787' into 3.1.x
    * Wolfsblvt/ticket/13787:
      [ticket/13787] Remove duplicate entry of poll_delete in prosilver template

  • Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@owncloud.com>

    Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@owncloud.com> 8fda16527e75ae46dfa6e4dc580bf58e1162b2ea

    Merge pull request #3600 from dragosvr92/ticket/13808
    [ticket/13808] search_body_form_before

  • Dragos Valentin Rădulescu

    Dragos Valentin Rădulescu 345c25c367b7bb6d132a9d260c0066fe9e88f79b

    [ticket/13808] search_body_form_before
    Extensions may be designed to add secondary search options,
    such as Google search in the search_body.html.
    There are no events in the searchbody, so this should be merged.


    • phpBB/docs/events.md (version 345c25c367b7bb6d132a9d260c0066fe9e88f79b)
    • phpBB/styles/prosilver/template/search_body.html (version 345c25c367b7bb6d132a9d260c0066fe9e88f79b)
    • phpBB/styles/subsilver2/template/search_body.html (version 345c25c367b7bb6d132a9d260c0066fe9e88f79b)
  • Wolfsblvt <wolfsblvt@gmx.de>

    Wolfsblvt <wolfsblvt@gmx.de> 55a3d887930bb2b53b067d2807f7d5106f228bec

    [ticket/13787] Remove duplicate entry of poll_delete in prosilver template
    When options are shown and poll delete is allowed, the option to
    polls is shown twice. This is fixed here by moving the if poll
    check out of the outer if, wich makes it also more consistent
    with the
    new event.


    • phpBB/styles/prosilver/template/posting_poll_body.html (version 55a3d887930bb2b53b067d2807f7d5106f228bec)