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helper url network with data set #5: Test case result

The below summarizes the result of the test " helper url network with data set #5" in build 4,873 of phpBB3 - Pull Requests - Build and Test Job. View test case history
helper url network with data set #5
Test class
test_helper_url_network with data set #5
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Error Log

phpbb_controller_helper_route_slash_test::test_helper_url_network with data set #5 ('controller2', array(1, 2), false, 'custom-sid', '//localhost/phpBB3/app.php/foo/bar?t=1&f=2&sid=custom-sid', 'params-argument (array) using session_id')
params-argument (array) using session_id
Failed asserting that two strings are equal.
--- Expected
+++ Actual
@@ @@