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default formatting with data set #27: Test case result

The below summarizes the result of the test " default formatting with data set #27" in build 5,096 of phpBB3 - Pull Requests - Build and Test Job. View test case history
default formatting with data set #27
Test class
test_default_formatting with data set #27
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Error Log

phpbb_textformatter_s9e_default_formatting_test::test_default_formatting with data set #27 ('[quote]test[/quote] test ] and [ test [quote]test[/quote]', '<blockquote class="uncited"><div>test</div></blockquote> test ] and [ test <blockquote class="uncited"><div>test</div></blockquote>')
Failed asserting that two strings are identical.
--- Expected
+++ Actual
@@ @@
-<blockquote class="uncited"><div>test</div></blockquote> test ] and [ test <blockquote class="uncited"><div>test</div></blockquote>
+<blockquote class="uncited"><div><div>test</div></div></blockquote> test ] and [ test <blockquote class="uncited"><div><div>test</div></div></blockquote>