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phpBB Rhea

  • CHItA

    CHItA 962fb6b19b01b1ad33b4f194443075dd759d1dc8

    Merge pull request #3819 from Nicofuma/ticket/14079
    [ticket/14079] Correctly mark notifications as read

  • Tristan Darricau <>

    Tristan Darricau <> 05d583bba7faaf82487305e892f7758d4161f303

    [ticket/14079] Correctly mark notifications as read

    • phpBB/phpbb/notification/manager.php (version 05d583bba7faaf82487305e892f7758d4161f303)
    • phpBB/phpbb/notification/type/base.php (version 05d583bba7faaf82487305e892f7758d4161f303)
    • phpBB/phpbb/notification/type/type_interface.php (version 05d583bba7faaf82487305e892f7758d4161f303)