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Joas Schilling <> Joas Schilling <> 8f1084e622e4843bf8bed67769f48cfbdfbf1654 8f1084e622e4843bf8bed67769f48cfbdfbf1654 Merge branch '3.1.x'
* 3.1.x: (21 commits)
  Added docs for js linting
  Fix section how to request events
  By huge messy tables
  Forgot one
  Fix additional back tick
  Fix line length
  Use note directive
  WARNING: toctree contains reference to nonexisting document u'update/index'
  Fix VSE comments
  Add docs about migrations
  tell travis which branches to build
  Install sphinx and deps with pip (python lang so no sudo)
  Add basic travis config to make docs
  Move the mod>ext to extensions
  Fix comments from VSE
  Add documentation for testing
  Fix comments from VSE and line wrap
  Add Using_the_phpBB3.0_Language_System
  Add to doc
  Add coding guidelines
Joas Schilling <> Joas Schilling <> 04b89ff602aabb6747ecdd8c453c0f0273a64fda 04b89ff602aabb6747ecdd8c453c0f0273a64fda Merge pull request #32 from phpbb/jslintdocs
Added docs for js linting
Callum Macrae <> Callum Macrae <> 548d77139418ab9ffcc3266deb8668679a2c74bd 548d77139418ab9ffcc3266deb8668679a2c74bd Added docs for js linting
Joas Schilling <> Joas Schilling <> 9a9e247e7de6f6372342faee111911e5e5083875 9a9e247e7de6f6372342faee111911e5e5083875 Merge pull request #29 from nickv-phpbb/use-note-directive
Use note directive
Joas Schilling <> Joas Schilling <> 6998915c7a068e5e497fc0ced2b0f5c66db75a41 6998915c7a068e5e497fc0ced2b0f5c66db75a41 Fix section how to request events