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  • Joas Schilling <>

    Joas Schilling <> 63a987b512741e1989c50ad8d491f3464fe0c2d5

    Merge branch '3.1.x'

  • Joas Schilling <>

    Joas Schilling <> c8d0c34489da7ce0c53b8d6b979eaa26fd854ee5

    Merge pull request #36 from nickv-phpbb/issue/25-add_lang_ext
    Add a sample how to load an extension language file

  • Joas Schilling <>

    Joas Schilling <> 36647b7f041c9759280ff1cd1b093824dbbc1301

    Fix the examples and also mention the twig way for templates

    • development/language/usage.rst (version 36647b7f041c9759280ff1cd1b093824dbbc1301)
  • Derky

    Derky 124e5843fd6e18be9321f17aaf831ef8df48f907

    Merge pull request #39 from nickv-phpbb/issue/35-filenames-in-code-blocks
    Add file names when we add a code block of the complete file

  • Joas Schilling <>

    Joas Schilling <> 88b40093d6836bf3eb4f65612306cb09a1ebe7c2

    Add file names when we add a code block of the complete file

    • development/extensions/modification_to_extension.rst (version 88b40093d6836bf3eb4f65612306cb09a1ebe7c2)
    • development/testing/functional_testing.rst (version 88b40093d6836bf3eb4f65612306cb09a1ebe7c2)
    • development/testing/unit_testing.rst (version 88b40093d6836bf3eb4f65612306cb09a1ebe7c2)
  • Joas Schilling <>

    Joas Schilling <> a19b95739e74ef5c38572adfcaced472d08d8018

    Add the filename to the php code block

    • development/language/usage.rst (version a19b95739e74ef5c38572adfcaced472d08d8018)
  • Joas Schilling <>

    Joas Schilling <> 8704c89a57caa41ea1c9e9b25ff93babfb308c20

    Extend the documentation on language usage and fix some wrong information
    Also refer to the plurals section when explaining string replacements

    • development/language/index.rst (version 8704c89a57caa41ea1c9e9b25ff93babfb308c20)
    • development/language/usage.rst (version 8704c89a57caa41ea1c9e9b25ff93babfb308c20)