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    Matt Friedman 1aece0b71ef375de99e6814dabaa591b4e2c9289

    Merge pull request #104 from phpbb/3.2.x
    Merge 3.2.x

  • Matt Friedman

    Matt Friedman daa71f5860c56c0ac827a5d0ecd88fadf744a9b8 m

    Merge pull request #103 from phpbb/3.1.x
    Merge 3.1.x into 3.2.x

  • Matt Friedman

    Matt Friedman 8fe659deaea73e5e721a3bbd64f4733f78373635 m

    Merge pull request #101 from AnthonyCLPhpBB/patch-1
    Update AuthenticationProvider Documentation

  • AnthonyCLPhpBB <>

    AnthonyCLPhpBB <> 4d6fd6c817f07e0113eba4b85cda51a1d1310b33 m

    Proper highlighting
    Include "<service name>" in highlighting.

    • development/extensions/tutorial_authentication.rst (version 4d6fd6c817f07e0113eba4b85cda51a1d1310b33)
  • AnthonyCLPhpBB <>

    AnthonyCLPhpBB <> 686162c35a6526b4af0c671ccbb25d9f80e9e7fa m

    Proper highlighting
    Highlighting "auth.provider." with double `` as requested by VSEphpbb (

    • development/extensions/tutorial_authentication.rst (version 686162c35a6526b4af0c671ccbb25d9f80e9e7fa)
  • AnthonyCLPhpBB <>

    AnthonyCLPhpBB <> c22b530b5d61c7ba096578323e0a2e51de7c1310 m

    As requested by VSEphpbb ( i move the missing information.

    • development/extensions/tutorial_authentication.rst (version c22b530b5d61c7ba096578323e0a2e51de7c1310)
  • AnthonyCLPhpBB <>

    AnthonyCLPhpBB <> 1aae5b4c35a1ed2ddd2617e29cae47a091294548 m

    Update AuthenticationProvider Documentation
    Please take a look at my comment at

    I created my authentication provider and named it eg. "myext.authentication.MyAuthenticationProvider".
    But my authentication provider will not be found.
    The authentication provider service name has to start with "auth.provider." e.g. "auth.provider.MyAuthenticationProvider".
    That check is hard coded in phpBB file "auth/provider_collection" method "get_provider" of v3.1.10.
    If service name does not start with "auth.provider" the default provider "db" will be used.

    Can you please verify?

    Greetz Anthony

    • development/extensions/tutorial_authentication.rst (version 1aae5b4c35a1ed2ddd2617e29cae47a091294548)