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  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> e0b95a25dce04a984a27d42e1eb8e92810f83283

    Merge pull request #137 from phpbb/3.2.x
    Merge 3.2.x into Master

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 32f626e4769aa22341ecd6c3cbdf5806fe4352ba m

    Merge pull request #136 from phpbb/3.1.x
    Merge 3.1.x into 3.2.x

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 1fea014eaf8c32af9b7e5281ea70d65561a79ef6 m

    Merge branch '3.2.x' into 3.1.x

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 713069f3b8593e5853f7da901c9da73e20631c2b m

    Merge pull request #133 from AlfredoRamos/3.1.x-functional-tests
    [3.1.x] Fix document link

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 0fd1e881298dee2bf6670767e6724accf6ea11ae m

    Merge pull request #134 from AlfredoRamos/3.2.x-functional-tests
    [3.2.x] Fix document link

  • Alfredo Ramos <>

    Alfredo Ramos <> 5fdd1b2276fca4532c6a0c5cc77ebbc9ddb00e03 m

    Fix document link for phpBB 3.2.x

    • development/testing/functional_testing.rst (version 5fdd1b2276fca4532c6a0c5cc77ebbc9ddb00e03)
  • Alfredo Ramos <>

    Alfredo Ramos <> ad6747df3816fdab16d416952aa25f101ded427b m

    Fix document link for phpBB 3.1.x

    • development/testing/functional_testing.rst (version ad6747df3816fdab16d416952aa25f101ded427b)
  • David Colón

    David Colón 1d81522646a1446b193d4851de8767169096ba7f m

    Merge pull request #131 from Elsensee/dbal-docs
    Database Abstraction Layer documentation

  • David Colón

    David Colón e72fc7673e79553cae662d0b9c9542ff069a822a m

    Merge pull request #121 from Crizz0/issue#120-3.1
    Add submission guidelines to docu and updates validation.rst

  • Crizzo

    Crizzo c29d64afe31f3a514722a68709eb18fc4ecc6e58 m

    Feedback DavidQ 07/09/2017

    • development/language/guidelines.rst (version c29d64afe31f3a514722a68709eb18fc4ecc6e58)
  • Oliver Schramm

    Oliver Schramm 844d66aea097335ea9a7ffa86b515102785e52fc m

    Adding a documentation for dbal

    • development/db/dbal.rst (version 844d66aea097335ea9a7ffa86b515102785e52fc)
  • Crizzo

    Crizzo f45194ff458931e007551bf708492c206109df6b m

    Add DavidQ Feedback from 15/08/2017

    • development/language/guidelines.rst (version f45194ff458931e007551bf708492c206109df6b)
  • nicofuma

    nicofuma a9f951142c0d870855db7f77f30e1d92105697da m

    Merge pull request #126 from VSEphpbb/vse-patch
    Symfony changes

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 388666f7d7d310984e9eddbd24ba30426dbc012e m

    Symfony changes

    • development/extensions/new_in_rhea.rst (version 388666f7d7d310984e9eddbd24ba30426dbc012e)
  • Crizzo

    Crizzo 4d9bb22183c28ea8e2e8aecfaf5956c1ca89d91f m

    Feedback callumarcrae 07/20

    • development/language/guidelines.rst (version 4d9bb22183c28ea8e2e8aecfaf5956c1ca89d91f)
  • Crizzo

    Crizzo 26fc3b463e818ff654704e23a031eb0843bdc391 m

    Put extension back to work

    • development/ (version 26fc3b463e818ff654704e23a031eb0843bdc391)
  • Crizzo

    Crizzo d6f0fb9f0831a05984812e4232bf25ae113f0f75 m

    Increase length of underline in sub-heading

    • development/language/validation.rst (version d6f0fb9f0831a05984812e4232bf25ae113f0f75)
  • Crizzo

    Crizzo ed55251ec2b03b20c3411aee78fbcf94a2827fd4 m

    Remove extension sensio.sphinx.bestpratice

    • development/ (version ed55251ec2b03b20c3411aee78fbcf94a2827fd4)
  • Crizzo

    Crizzo 9961730281f45c71c3b24b995036151699808c87 m

    Remove deleted files from file-list

    • development/language/guidelines.rst (version 9961730281f45c71c3b24b995036151699808c87)
  • Crizzo

    Crizzo 21f7c6cdafd9530268d0804ba05637024e8e76b8 m

    Add submission guidelines to docu and updates validation.rst

    • development/language/guidelines.rst (version 21f7c6cdafd9530268d0804ba05637024e8e76b8)
    • development/language/validation.rst (version 21f7c6cdafd9530268d0804ba05637024e8e76b8)