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  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 1a7657e84b43cd9a47d455e63a3fd916197332fa

    Merge pull request #160 from phpbb/3.2.x
    Merge 3.2.x branch into Master

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 89ee587b082eaa426f9b34626a4934882c113fce m

    Merge pull request #156 from VSEphpbb/skeleton-updates
    Update Skeleton extension documentation

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 481b6b79fa8f30c65b13227d147e6ad19a0e84f5 m

    Merge pull request #155 from JoshyPHP/text-formatter-1.3
    Update the BBCodes example for forward compatibility

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 21a0e8cd9b6c4c3003a342051ddfadfa50be8607 m

    Skeleton Controller Updates

    • development/extensions/skeleton_extension.rst (version 21a0e8cd9b6c4c3003a342051ddfadfa50be8607)
  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> ae8c6720550418d643afea7c7b02c2cf14b11340 m

    Skeleton documentation updates

    • development/extensions/skeleton_extension.rst (version ae8c6720550418d643afea7c7b02c2cf14b11340)
  • JoshyPHP <>

    JoshyPHP <> 3817d6ce9db9cb6e6ebee3e8735611faf4148a87 m

    Update the BBCodes example for forward compatibility
    The return value is not used in TextFormatter 1.x and tag invalidation must be explicit

    • development/extensions/tutorial_bbcodes.rst (version 3817d6ce9db9cb6e6ebee3e8735611faf4148a87)