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  • Marc

    Marc 8ff0f11ae0b30ad6e22e3fb5469e6924f927a9d9

    Merge branch '3.2.x'

  • Marc

    Marc 5eb32bb1871ac3d6473a9acd7b5426fe97a2ce30 m

    Merge branch '3.1.x' into 3.2.x

  • Marc

    Marc a58e4a8edf1248125218cc6770c078c4ad325d3d m

    Merge pull request #145 from VSEphpbb/vse-update
    Add note about changing migrations

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 4d474fd6c996b6bce5d3f89687164471ebdbf3db m

    Add note about changing migrations

    • development/extensions/tutorial_migrations.rst (version 4d474fd6c996b6bce5d3f89687164471ebdbf3db)
  • David Colón

    David Colón 03db5fa6da29846814f8e29ba671ead2fc7ec7a7 m

    Merge pull request #143 from Crizz0/update-guidelines-for-3.2
    Update for 3.2.x files and links

  • Crizzo

    Crizzo 05e42c53ab81802fe799075a27b40ec4aa2b73d8 m

    Add .md to README; DavidQ Feedback 08-02-2018

    • development/language/guidelines.rst (version 05e42c53ab81802fe799075a27b40ec4aa2b73d8)
  • Crizzo

    Crizzo c0cf9c724e1d1c81d0fc5fa6f0d36ac416fe3aeb m

    Update for 3.2.x files and links

    • development/language/guidelines.rst (version c0cf9c724e1d1c81d0fc5fa6f0d36ac416fe3aeb)
    • development/language/validation.rst (version c0cf9c724e1d1c81d0fc5fa6f0d36ac416fe3aeb)