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  • Marc

    Marc 1533113195d93f84c1c869fae1629dce84967c07

    Merge pull request #214 from phpbb/3.3.x
    Update master with latest changes to 3.3.x

  • Marc

    Marc 220c9ce537a74d68c80672fb67caf0c1439478ea m

    Merge pull request #212 from iMattPro/update-docs
    Replace Travis with GA in extension testing tutorial

  • Marc

    Marc e14fe97b571faf639536a31da124c163dc46b909 m

    Merge pull request #213 from phpbb/iMattPro-patch-1
    Create tests.yml to Replace Travis.yml

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 4512d0b8be5e27088a8e8eebaab4e0b541658f08 m

    Update other references to Travis with GA

    • development/development/git.rst (version 4512d0b8be5e27088a8e8eebaab4e0b541658f08)
    • development/extensions/skeleton_extension.rst (version 4512d0b8be5e27088a8e8eebaab4e0b541658f08)
    • development/extensions/tutorial_advanced.rst (version 4512d0b8be5e27088a8e8eebaab4e0b541658f08)
  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 9000fe2ec8f810f79f1e42bc72783125177de6fa m

    Delete .travis.yml

    • .travis.yml (version 9000fe2ec8f810f79f1e42bc72783125177de6fa)
  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 7d713eee466a33e53bc8d903945a4b5fb4b8b55f m

    Fix mistake

    • .github/workflows/tests.yml (version 7d713eee466a33e53bc8d903945a4b5fb4b8b55f)
  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 536f7ebd15b45d34df7ce216f470ca8a9b156b80 m

    Create tests.yml

    • .github/workflows/tests.yml (version 536f7ebd15b45d34df7ce216f470ca8a9b156b80)
  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> b2e072b7545c6468d73a8dc0b56f983e7f3f38f8 m

    Fix typos

    • development/extensions/tutorial_testing.rst (version b2e072b7545c6468d73a8dc0b56f983e7f3f38f8)
  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 868e3b544f535eddb45469a0f9127a7dc8b17fd3 m

    Replace Travis-CI with Github Action Docs

    • development/extensions/tutorial_testing.rst (version 868e3b544f535eddb45469a0f9127a7dc8b17fd3)
  • Patrick Webster

    Patrick Webster 6e8030e392edd1a207961c82fe3026b7f45dc05e m

    Add mbstring to the required PHP extension list.

    • documentation/content/en/chapters/quick_start_guide.xml (version 6e8030e392edd1a207961c82fe3026b7f45dc05e)
  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> fc676dd2ba1bb79c1bcbe32ef760a9b9209687a5 m

    Merge pull request #210 from williamdes/patch-1
    Remove sami from the tutorial

  • William Desportes <>

    William Desportes <> 8867ba7b19a703f9c84088247e97163d4a70400e m

    Remove sami from the tutorial

    • development/extensions/tutorial_testing.rst (version 8867ba7b19a703f9c84088247e97163d4a70400e)
  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> d936de3557c43f295fd403bd91a84871bcf210ed m

    Merge pull request #208 from rxu/fix-wrong-addlang-description
    Fix the description of using add_lang() method

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 9669f9207a860d43940921b6b31b10ad70df753c m

    Merge pull request #209 from Crizz0/travis-update
    Update Tutorial testing travis CI config

  • Crizzo

    Crizzo 88edfdef4efa25d55c52f64d83db801d8e87e3e5 m

    Remove build-image example

    • development/extensions/tutorial_testing.rst (version 88edfdef4efa25d55c52f64d83db801d8e87e3e5)
  • Crizzo

    Crizzo d56a32dc65bbf0b5d611d3e32b38814123977e88 m

    Matt feedback

    • development/extensions/tutorial_testing.rst (version d56a32dc65bbf0b5d611d3e32b38814123977e88)
  • Crizzo

    Crizzo 39a3be1e08666a02c69198641d106900100a8a82 m

    Update Tutorial testing travis CI config

    • development/extensions/tutorial_testing.rst (version 39a3be1e08666a02c69198641d106900100a8a82)
  • rxu

    rxu 2a1dcfee8fee92e333e16ab7da2210e723a1679a m

    Fix the description of using add_lang() method

    • development/language/usage.rst (version 2a1dcfee8fee92e333e16ab7da2210e723a1679a)
  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 9ead9fd37fd7242c2e4bd95e48e6884e0dc6f781 m

    Merge pull request #204 from iMattPro/updates
    Fix travis

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 6d0023f2a9150bdf774e14f4b5455d69ccfb3762 m

    Fix travis

    • development/extensions/tutorial_testing.rst (version 6d0023f2a9150bdf774e14f4b5455d69ccfb3762)
  • Paul Sohier <>

    Paul Sohier <> a690456ab3ecb23d9adc75a1630d707a35913f62 m

    Merge pull request #203 from iMattPro/updates
    Extension testing tutorial updates for 3.3.x

  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 5d07ffbe96257ce1dacb724fbc03ec1c310e406c m

    Update ext testing docs for phpBB 3.3.

    • development/extensions/tutorial_testing.rst (version 5d07ffbe96257ce1dacb724fbc03ec1c310e406c)