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  • Matt Friedman <>

    Matt Friedman <> 1d84884480649e2064e260e6f8f53070fc2d51ec m

    Add note about changing migrations

    • development/extensions/tutorial_migrations.rst (version 1d84884480649e2064e260e6f8f53070fc2d51ec)
  • Marc

    Marc 9d551707a14d38ba0db97ba6220d1b8c032eecb0 m

    Merge pull request #145 from VSEphpbb/vse-update
    Add note about changing migrations

  • Crizzo

    Crizzo 20989c17b55bbd0b131e586cac302b0476ea2605 m

    Add code:: to the list of files

    • development/language/guidelines.rst (version 20989c17b55bbd0b131e586cac302b0476ea2605)