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  • Marc

    Marc de097f523f7f60dc030bbc3c30e9ef68b26597a3

    Merge pull request #141 from phpbb/update/git
    Update Git instructions & add ui testing documentation

  • Marc

    Marc 305f379ad3757f932c6973c40c45b4e70c8d9317 m

    Update to 3.3.x instead of 3.2.x

    • development/testing/ui_testing.rst (version 305f379ad3757f932c6973c40c45b4e70c8d9317)
  • Marc

    Marc 5e2f4ed7ca2c2242da3cba3196401d6a1e646e01 m

    Update git info for 3.2.x & 3.3.x

    • development/development/git.rst (version 5e2f4ed7ca2c2242da3cba3196401d6a1e646e01)
  • Marc

    Marc 0c32270246bf29776565296e3f91a5ad88e252aa m

    Update guidelines links and fix build issues
    The DBAL documentation was not included in any index and therefore didn't
    show up after creating the documentation.

    • development/development/coding_guidelines.rst (version 0c32270246bf29776565296e3f91a5ad88e252aa)
    • development/index.rst (version 0c32270246bf29776565296e3f91a5ad88e252aa)
    • development/language/guidelines.rst (version 0c32270246bf29776565296e3f91a5ad88e252aa)
    • development/language/validation.rst (version 0c32270246bf29776565296e3f91a5ad88e252aa)
  • Marc

    Marc d9ad0b41e4bd1dfd88be3e2a8a1a44d723ba6a2a m

    Add UI testing to documentation

    • development/testing/index.rst (version d9ad0b41e4bd1dfd88be3e2a8a1a44d723ba6a2a)
    • development/testing/ui_testing.rst (version d9ad0b41e4bd1dfd88be3e2a8a1a44d723ba6a2a)
  • Marc

    Marc 0e88f29aed2fd7372fce7637b4b2fe034f38cea6 m

    Update git instructions for 3.1 EoL and move from 3.0 to 3.1+

    • development/development/git.rst (version 0e88f29aed2fd7372fce7637b4b2fe034f38cea6)