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  • Marc

    Marc cfa2bc534b403fee05ac7e5188ba346313feb45f

    Merge branch '3.1.x' into 3.2.x

  • Marc

    Marc a0abb1e10e34c560c82e0d729f4b9a4620e8005c m

    Merge pull request #4600 from hubaishan/ticket/14549
    [ticket/14549] fix mcp page redirect back after topic merge and rised warning

  • hubaishan <>

    hubaishan <> 40bc4ac484223f78902e7275085a53ebc5e05dba m

    [ticket/14549] Correcting $redirect var to avoid the bug
    by this correct $redirect will go to clean mcp page after merge


    • phpBB/includes/mcp/mcp_forum.php (version 40bc4ac484223f78902e7275085a53ebc5e05dba)