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  • Marc

    Marc 55123bc94cfbade9bae44cb8b8924bb58ccdbf15

    Merge pull request #4399 from wesleyfok/ticket/14729
    [ticket/14729] Make reports take config base class

  • Wesley Fok <>

    Wesley Fok <> 8a9cf32b1d6c87367dbfe67d5e567e23fc7a5e66

    [ticket/14729] Make reports take config base class
    Make the report controller and helper classes accept the more generic
    phpbb/config/config base class in their constructors, instead of the
    specific database implementation phpbb/config/db.


    • phpBB/phpbb/report/controller/report.php (version 8a9cf32b1d6c87367dbfe67d5e567e23fc7a5e66)
    • phpBB/phpbb/report/report_handler.php (version 8a9cf32b1d6c87367dbfe67d5e567e23fc7a5e66)