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    Marc a282eb1328d74da46aba6daff5d306efb6204f9e

    Merge branch '3.1.x' into 3.2.x

  • Marc

    Marc fb29d79bc111c397aa98466d3579fea3c70cacc6 m

    Merge pull request #4782 from nomind60s/ticket/14498
    [ticket/14498] Don't display 'Who is online' members when permission is No

  • nomind60s <>

    nomind60s <> 80b72e3d0b0a3ca81157d2209fd607e10b86eba1 m

    [ticket/14498] Don't display 'Who is online' members when permission is No
    When the user permission 'Can view profiles, memberlist and online list' is
    set to No (or Never) the user should not be able to see which members are
    online in the following places, index page, view topic and view forum.

    Before this change, guests and bots would see the list of members who are
    online, which doesn't match with the user permission and could create privacy
    issues where guests or bots could track when a member was online.


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