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  • Marc

    Marc 3e851907988b5b8e542f0a838cebfa8185b55ac4

    Merge pull request #5305 from MikelAlejoBR/ticket/15733
    [ticket/15733] Remove unused code related to deprecated flood control

  • Derky <>

    Derky <> 18dd250f5263d4c49c83b18f7f567b3db30c8339

    Merge pull request #5362 from hubaishan/ticket/15791
    [ticket/15791] fix php 7.2 count() bug in memory cache driver

  • hubaishan <>

    hubaishan <> c7631635fa738f4c7df45f6f671d2eb47f2f72a3 m

    [ticket/15791] php 7.2 count() bug in memory cache driver
    function `_read` in classes inherted from `memory`
    may returns `false` but `$vars` must be an array


    • phpBB/phpbb/cache/driver/memory.php (version c7631635fa738f4c7df45f6f671d2eb47f2f72a3)
  • MikelAlejoBR <>

    MikelAlejoBR <> 5be990e9599f41a87d2c9d847a351b4b03e8debd m

    [ticket/15733] Fix undeclared variable concatenation

    • phpBB/includes/ucp/ucp_pm_compose.php (version 5be990e9599f41a87d2c9d847a351b4b03e8debd)
  • MikelAlejoBR <>

    MikelAlejoBR <> e710304ef5cd4fb06d83ccb3213c8df7f8b04b36 m

    [ticket/15733] Correct "changed" tag version to 3.2.4-RC1

    • phpBB/posting.php (version e710304ef5cd4fb06d83ccb3213c8df7f8b04b36)
  • Mikel Alejo <>

    Mikel Alejo <> 43be40c1ae11a7fdc6fd31e5db6975c29c37bea8 m

    [ticket/15733] Merge related ticket PHPBB3-15697

  • MikelAlejoBR <>

    MikelAlejoBR <> a7d7dfee9ce8ca070b8fda0df3069aa05fe12ceb m

    [ticket/15733] Add "changed" tag to the corresponding comment blocks

    • phpBB/posting.php (version a7d7dfee9ce8ca070b8fda0df3069aa05fe12ceb)
  • MikelAlejoBR <>

    MikelAlejoBR <> b2277e7bf688168acfa3097730f556b7218858ac m

    [ticket/15733] Remove unused code related to deprecated flood control

    • phpBB/posting.php (version b2277e7bf688168acfa3097730f556b7218858ac)
    • phpBB/viewtopic.php (version b2277e7bf688168acfa3097730f556b7218858ac)
    • tests/test_framework/phpbb_functional_test_case.php (version b2277e7bf688168acfa3097730f556b7218858ac)
  • MikelAlejoBR <>

    MikelAlejoBR <> 740006ba60a2f5dce6e0aee072f5683f3f47b69a m

    [ticket/15697] Remove unused variable and corresponding input field

    • phpBB/includes/ucp/ucp_pm_compose.php (version 740006ba60a2f5dce6e0aee072f5683f3f47b69a)
  • MikelAlejoBR <>

    MikelAlejoBR <> 210c5f5a59a9885b2680432e1d9f4fd915548b27 m

    [ticket/15697] Remove hard coded time check when sending PMs

    • phpBB/includes/ucp/ucp_pm_compose.php (version 210c5f5a59a9885b2680432e1d9f4fd915548b27)