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Marc Marc 7e003bf687b340bba822fc512bfb2b2c8235a6ad 7e003bf687b340bba822fc512bfb2b2c8235a6ad Merge pull request #5397 from VSEphpbb/ticket/15824
[ticket/15824] Fix and update UI framework
Marc Marc 2862de45bdf1da008d31692e8fd0fde2799a22d4 2862de45bdf1da008d31692e8fd0fde2799a22d4 Merge pull request #5409 from senky/ticket/15494
[ticket/15494] Allow user to be removed from NEWLY_REGISTERED multiple times
Marc Marc dfa533af4a68401c3e5fd8d081638a159001618b dfa533af4a68401c3e5fd8d081638a159001618b Merge pull request #5384 from DavidIQ/ticket/15552
[ticket/15552] Call insert_single_user when appropriate
Marc Marc 4180950db7b5f31a17175d24cc5624e55f66cc7f 4180950db7b5f31a17175d24cc5624e55f66cc7f Merge pull request #5383 from senky/ticket/15554
[ticket/15554] Add simple_footer_body_after
Marc Marc 2fcf49c8392214eddfde5f227a3f15ad73ae557d 2fcf49c8392214eddfde5f227a3f15ad73ae557d Merge pull request #5381 from senky/ticket/15616
[ticket/15616] Remove jumpbox from login_forum.html

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