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Marc Marc b5d36645f2f6819d9458550bda399f981c173977 b5d36645f2f6819d9458550bda399f981c173977 Merge pull request #5402 from 3D-I/ticket/15825
[ticket/15825] Add core.acp_manage_forums_move_content_sql_before
Marc Marc 41bafd4d7d639ae4e27e5467a4077cdd8f4e88c4 41bafd4d7d639ae4e27e5467a4077cdd8f4e88c4 Merge pull request #5401 from dark-1/ticket/15827
[ticket/15827] Add *_username_{prepend/append} template events
Marc Marc d29d42d7b93c3abe93662a06272f07d29c22d039 d29d42d7b93c3abe93662a06272f07d29c22d039 Merge pull request #5395 from hubaishan/ticket/15817
[ticket/15817] Fix installtion failed with Oracle
Marc Marc 20393592d7c58a548853015cfbf489ea964f3c0f 20393592d7c58a548853015cfbf489ea964f3c0f Merge pull request #5387 from senky/ticket/15593
[ticket/15593] Do not allow print view with direct URL
Marc Marc 0cded66ff2833da9afaf06b1418d9b9322a890fa 0cded66ff2833da9afaf06b1418d9b9322a890fa Merge pull request #5380 from senky/ticket/15619
[ticket/15619] Always display CPF legend

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