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  • Marc

    Marc e76ea47fb8a2574d4faa93dbcbb5d03f2092cc12

    Merge branch '3.1.x' into 3.2.x

  • Marc

    Marc bf397cb9853e83977edf5e173e149a228ac3117d m

    Merge pull request #4398 from wesleyfok/ticket/14638-3.1.x
    Ticket/14638 3.1.x New UCP hooks for subscriptions

  • Wesley Fok <>

    Wesley Fok <> 3038bf5eafa4680a96ec1140334d3a22b1ecc154 m

    [ticket/14638] Rollback changes from 3.2.x version
    Mistakenly brought in the modified 3.2.x version verbatim instead of diffing
    against the 3.1.x version of ucp_main.php. Removed any changes I didn't
    explicitly make.


    • phpBB/includes/ucp/ucp_main.php (version 3038bf5eafa4680a96ec1140334d3a22b1ecc154)
  • Wesley Fok <>

    Wesley Fok <> ba13832085bf05eb5ab19aeb9681b16c7a119df9 m

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/3.1.x' into ticket/14638-3.1.x

  • Wesley Fok <>

    Wesley Fok <> 2081a7809540db661193be376c1220a2c21acff4 m

    [ticket/14638] New UCP hooks for subscriptions
    Adds various event hooks to the Manage subscriptions page of the User
    Control Panel. core.ucp_subscribed_post_data allows us to handle
    additional post data from the form that unwatches subscriptions.
    core.ucp_main_topiclist_count_modify_query and
    core.ucp_main_topiclist_modify_query all modify the queries used to get
    the list of subscribed forums and subscribed/bookmarked topics.
    core.ucp_main_subscribed_forum_modify_template_vars and
    core.ucp_main_topiclist_topic_modify_template_vars modify the template
    variable array associated with each subscribed forum and topic row.

    This is a backport to 3.1.x of the code in PR #4318.


    • phpBB/includes/ucp/ucp_main.php (version 2081a7809540db661193be376c1220a2c21acff4)