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  • Marc

    Marc 6db29a7ae19de4369920642ccdb23b53e773aa27

    Merge pull request #5987 from marc1706/ticket/16494
    [ticket/16494] Update composer & dependencies for 3.2.x

  • Marc

    Marc 5882a9a3a2033be83577a6ac0baa8d22ad3ee20c

    [ticket/16494] Update composer dependencies to latest versions

    • phpBB/composer.lock (version 5882a9a3a2033be83577a6ac0baa8d22ad3ee20c)
  • Marc

    Marc a673858e132071cb116ffe8b8ecd65421b1abdb3

    [ticket/16494] Update composer to 1.10.6

    • composer.phar (version a673858e132071cb116ffe8b8ecd65421b1abdb3)