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phpBB 3.3.x

  • Marc

    Marc 8376012f9a69c8db07c1960e96bae6308e99d59f

    Merge pull request #6393 from LukeWCS/3.3.x
    [ticket/16990] Fix for the style template code in the post editor

  • LukeWCS

    LukeWCS 9e22bc8691090d951fc8569171c137290cb8eda8 m

    [ticket/16990] Removed XHTML tag format

    • phpBB/styles/prosilver/template/posting_editor.html (version 9e22bc8691090d951fc8569171c137290cb8eda8)
  • LukeWCS

    LukeWCS 751b0e2ede4763444a56c66f20a9cab637a84a38 m

    [ticket/16990] Fix for the style template code in the post editor
    The code present in the prosilver style template causes the wrong
    checkbox to be displayed in the post editor if the combination
    `f_delete`:true and `f_softdelete`:false is active in the user
    context. With this combination, this effectively prevents a forum
    post from being deleted via the editor options.

    Corrected the relevant section and switched to Twig syntax


    • phpBB/styles/prosilver/template/posting_editor.html (version 751b0e2ede4763444a56c66f20a9cab637a84a38)