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  • Marc

    Marc 8a8a05e31ccdc87b561ee8130c89b4c352aa2fc6

    Merge pull request #6029 from MichaIng/ticket/16556
    [ticket/16556] Remove purposeless <Files "*"> from .htaccess

  • MichaIng <>

    MichaIng <> eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2 m

    [ticket/16556] Remove purposeless <Files "*"> from .htaccess
    Wrapping access permissions into <Files "*"> at best has zero effect
    and implies unnecessary code and parsing for the web server. At least
    it does not block access to files only, but still denies auto indexing
    and access to sub directories effectively as well. But removing this
    directive is still the cleaner and safer way to deny access to any
    kind of resource that is provided within the directory in question.

    To deny access to migration data, a single .htaccess file can be used.
    This reduces the effort for future changes and it is not required
    anymore to create new .htaccess files for every new migration

    Additionally this corrects the fact the "Require" is part of
    "mod_authz_core", not "mod_authz_host".


    Signed-off-by: MichaIng <>

    • phpBB/cache/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/config/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/files/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/images/avatars/upload/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/includes/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/phpbb/db/migration/data/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/phpbb/db/migration/data/v30x/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/phpbb/db/migration/data/v310/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/phpbb/db/migration/data/v31x/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/phpbb/db/migration/data/v320/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/phpbb/db/migration/data/v32x/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/phpbb/db/migration/data/v330/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/phpbb/db/migration/data/v33x/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)
    • phpBB/store/.htaccess (version eff277a8726d714979490126d42047cf4b438cb2)