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Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> b003019958aad3303abef8b4f70159cff2670600 b003019958aad3303abef8b4f70159cff2670600 Merge pull request #3013 from VSEphpbb/ticket/13121
[ticket/13121] Remove cache mode from style management module
Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> d26436944173d1fa28a1abd96bca861381246860 d26436944173d1fa28a1abd96bca861381246860 Merge pull request #2460 from Nicofuma/ticket/11224
[ticket/11224] SQL cache destroy does not destroy queries to tables joined
Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> 75fcfb1c1d68f1632e7beae3f59699ddff8e5292 75fcfb1c1d68f1632e7beae3f59699ddff8e5292 Merge pull request #2545 from ptitlazy/ticket/12657
[ticket/12657] Add a test file for base case of command cache:purge
Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> 170b75d0c9bab9d7500748c32bc4de93d1bf5c2f 170b75d0c9bab9d7500748c32bc4de93d1bf5c2f Merge pull request #2888 from Nicofuma/ticket/12993
[ticket/12993] Improve get_user_ranks
Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> 994a0dcd4c444c7902f85355efba3a9a6b06f78e 994a0dcd4c444c7902f85355efba3a9a6b06f78e Merge branch 'ticket/12985' into develop-ascraeus

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