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Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> bbb6d6a452b3ba815d7610555a3a90c9542b3301 bbb6d6a452b3ba815d7610555a3a90c9542b3301 Merge pull request #3330 from kasimi/ticket/13540
[ticket/13540] Add core event for modifying topic review block data
Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> efee422707f481e69b03193da3814159bdd3d034 efee422707f481e69b03193da3814159bdd3d034 Merge pull request #3326 from Wolfsblvt-Test/ticket/13537
Add core events on mcp_queue for approval and disapproval
Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> 7330c0afd39ddce251bca17e8fc9fcec26cee831 7330c0afd39ddce251bca17e8fc9fcec26cee831 Merge pull request #3325 from rxu/ticket/13536
[ticket/13536] Add ACP/UCP core events to allow modifying user profile data on editing
Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> 6678570f49969e3a6e47d917c142448c591f4c5a 6678570f49969e3a6e47d917c142448c591f4c5a Merge pull request #3324 from rxu/ticket/13336
[ticket/13336] Add core events to the function user_active_flip()
Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> e9eafece3fa3930202d6a218f25e5cbe508c6c27 e9eafece3fa3930202d6a218f25e5cbe508c6c27 Merge pull request #3323 from rxu/ticket/13535
[ticket/13535] Add core event to allow modifying account settings on editing

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