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phpBB Ascraeus

  • Tristan Darricau <tristan.darricau@sensiolabs.com>

    Tristan Darricau <tristan.darricau@sensiolabs.com> d49f70fbc749c3b09928eda8faefacce9ba5c2bb

    Merge pull request #3520 from rxu/ticket/13743
    [ticket/13743] Add $phpbb_root_path and $phpEx definitions in message_parser.php

  • rxu

    rxu 3521e74939866e237d69b0251abc1ecd939276dd

    [ticket/13743] Add $phpbb_root_path and $phpEx definitions in message_parser.php
    message_parser.php performs include of bbcode.php at the very start using
    $phpbb_root_path and $phpEx vars, so there's a possibility those can be
    undefined at that point, especially when message_parser.php is being included
    in event listener or another extension file where $phpbb_root_path and $phpEx
    don't exist. This can be fixed by adding the appropriate vars definitions.


    • phpBB/includes/message_parser.php (version 3521e74939866e237d69b0251abc1ecd939276dd)