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Marc Marc b3b7f8e925a2af91d578ad4453070cefc02e7a3d b3b7f8e925a2af91d578ad4453070cefc02e7a3d Merge pull request #3530 from VSEphpbb/ticket/13753
[ticket/13753] Add template events to forum category row headers
Marc Marc 7f5f5c216bc54eab3259bd0b7560a0b324d01841 7f5f5c216bc54eab3259bd0b7560a0b324d01841 Merge pull request #3529 from rxu/ticket/13752
[ticket/13752] Add viewonline.php core event to allow modifying forum data SQL
Marc Marc d741ab57a82f52cca00cc105096d9e8887d4065d d741ab57a82f52cca00cc105096d9e8887d4065d Merge pull request #3526 from rxu/ticket/13750
[ticket/13750] Add core event to allow modifying navlinks text
Marc Marc 7a478b27dd433746a012b1dc8135f45eed355c08 7a478b27dd433746a012b1dc8135f45eed355c08 Merge pull request #3459 from brunoais/ticket/13664
[ticket/13664] Add event to allow changing number of unapproved posts in mcp_front
Marc Marc 4fc6e7dbc7af5bf1e8fb896188d16083d62d426e 4fc6e7dbc7af5bf1e8fb896188d16083d62d426e Merge pull request #3598 from VSEphpbb/ticket/13822
[ticket/13822] Correctly display softdelete and post detail perms


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