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phpBB Ascraeus

  • Tristan Darricau <tristan.darricau@sensiolabs.com>

    Tristan Darricau <tristan.darricau@sensiolabs.com> 25c4c481d74f2272218fced8506cb7861eec8a75

    Merge pull request #3693 from nickvergessen/ticket/13823
    [ticket/13823] Remove the unnecessary brackets

  • Joas Schilling

    Joas Schilling 17b94b8f9c02afa0c2c0f29c2d64e4c212776d52

    [ticket/13823] Remove the unnecessary brackets
    This changes the line with non-whitespace changes, so the packaging script
    should correctly detect them as changed and put the file into the update.


    • phpBB/includes/acp/acp_prune.php (version 17b94b8f9c02afa0c2c0f29c2d64e4c212776d52)
  • Joas Schilling

    Joas Schilling 91212d54534e726fdbd3b3b4c085869fd4b02e76

    Merge pull request #3692 from CHItA/ticket/sec-184
    [ticket/sec-184] Fix tests

  • CHItA

    CHItA 32a2546c5d51f6296aec92bbafa676fb33fd4a80

    [ticket/sec-184] Fix tests

    • tests/functions_acp/build_cfg_template_test.php (version 32a2546c5d51f6296aec92bbafa676fb33fd4a80)