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  • Marc

    Marc 84ed888cb9642918575008e91da9bef82f80ce69

    Merge pull request #4084 from exussum12/ticket/14046
    [ticket/14046] Jabber message incorrect

  • Scott Dutton <scott@exussum.co.uk>

    Scott Dutton <scott@exussum.co.uk> 7ebbc69dbdd6f5517420bcd87528bc83560af4ac

    [ticket/14046] Jabber message incorrect
    When making a Jabber message, the page says the message has been sent
    when loading the page for the first time, This message should only be
    shown after the message has actually been sent


    • phpBB/styles/prosilver/template/memberlist_im.html (version 7ebbc69dbdd6f5517420bcd87528bc83560af4ac)
    • phpBB/styles/subsilver2/template/memberlist_im.html (version 7ebbc69dbdd6f5517420bcd87528bc83560af4ac)