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phpBB Ascraeus

  • Tristan Darricau <tristan.darricau@sensiolabs.com>

    Tristan Darricau <tristan.darricau@sensiolabs.com> 663ee34f66d6ded7eb3c5cc81d1d1df32a31966f

    Merge pull request #4167 from Mauron/ticket/14458
    fixes #4167

    * Mauron-ticket/14458:
      [ticket/14458] Explicitly state RewriteBase into .htaccess root file

  • Mauron <Mauron@users.noreply.github.com>

    Mauron <Mauron@users.noreply.github.com> a705405717bcf64066fbe34b8fb4a8b7e85f218b

    [ticket/14458] Explicitly state RewriteBase into .htaccess root file
    The statement RewriteBase / needs to be explicitly typed down into the .htaccess file in root in order to reduce all the support requests about the implicit statement and the URL rewriting not working.


    • phpBB/.htaccess (version a705405717bcf64066fbe34b8fb4a8b7e85f218b)