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  • Marc

    Marc 3bf133c96ca34195024feb16bed812aa8dc77184

    Merge pull request #4778 from marc1706/ticket/15139
    [ticket/15139] Assigned 'topics_per_page' before template included

  • upstrocker <upstrocker@gmail.com>

    upstrocker <upstrocker@gmail.com> f991a99a14da4d7fc79df9429d6f0e5f6d0f8914

    [ticket/15139] Assigned 'topics_per_page' before template included
    The element $config['topics_per_page'] was assigned a value after the
    template was included, which led to incorrect page number display in the
    header when pagination.
    Now this var is assigned the correct value before the template is included


    • phpBB/viewforum.php (version f991a99a14da4d7fc79df9429d6f0e5f6d0f8914)