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  • Nils Adermann <naderman@naderman.de>

    Nils Adermann <naderman@naderman.de> 5e86c89989b537c8a685841a139345d9cb6f6564

    Merge pull request #3017 from nickvergessen/ticket/13033
    [ticket/13033] Fix "Duplicate entry 'notification.type.*' for key 'type'"

  • Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de>

    Joas Schilling <nickvergessen@gmx.de> 3d9b257597d2bf24c8f6d4ebd53a5e0113d7e251 m

    [ticket/13033] Fix "Duplicate entry 'notification.type.*' for key 'type'"
    Caused by the solution of PHPBB3-12990


    • phpBB/phpbb/db/migration/data/v310/notifications_use_full_name.php (version 3d9b257597d2bf24c8f6d4ebd53a5e0113d7e251)