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nicofuma nicofuma 3acee9a3eea8e3fdcef59876da273358a46903e8 3acee9a3eea8e3fdcef59876da273358a46903e8 Merge pull request #4189 from marc1706/ticket/14492
[ticket/14492] Improve send stats page and include VigLink

* marc1706/ticket/14492: (47 commits)
  [ticket/14492] Add user service to installer & only instantiate if needed
  [ticket/14492] Fix redirection to help phpBB page
  [ticket/14492] Encode URI components in systemdata for stats
  [ticket/14492] Always update the time the stats were sent
  [ticket/14492] Update versions in files
  [ticket/14492] Add missing event variable
  [ticket/14492] Don't explicitly pass data providers by refs
  [ticket/14492] Update phpBB version and fix miscellaneous code issues
  [ticket/14492] Install all extensions if 'all' is specified for extensions
  [ticket/14492] Checkout master if viglink tag does not exist for latest version
  [ticket/14492] Add language variables for updating extensions
  [ticket/14492] Prevent timeouts in install & update extensions tasks
  [ticket/14492] Use same list for checking if extension should be updated
  [ticket/14492] Add missing config to schema_data.sql
  [ticket/14492] Unify version check for installing default extensions
  [ticket/14492] Use extension manager instead of finder and add try/catch
  [ticket/14492] Checkout viglink for each version depending on tags
  [ticket/14492] Remove unused use statement
  [ticket/14492] Redirect to help phpBB page after installation
  [ticket/14492] Properly retrieve version updating from
Marc Marc dee5e6e07636db7e35a82919a723907e734fbcd1 dee5e6e07636db7e35a82919a723907e734fbcd1 [ticket/14492] Add language variables for updating extensions
Marc Marc 9f3b151dabd9cfeefd40c89c79c9e57ca5354bae 9f3b151dabd9cfeefd40c89c79c9e57ca5354bae [ticket/14492] Checkout master if viglink tag does not exist for latest version
Marc Marc 64f0d74489515ad76d0caf6cfdf100ef92e16328 64f0d74489515ad76d0caf6cfdf100ef92e16328 [ticket/14492] Properly retrieve version updating from
Marc Marc e519b21b2e563f9d751aa8f9157ccc489b660ec8 e519b21b2e563f9d751aa8f9157ccc489b660ec8 [ticket/14492] Only show fail of extension install if it's available

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