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  • Marc

    Marc 3e0f58332d1c26aa718a201dd1db253d1340d695

    Merge branch '3.3.x'

  • Marc

    Marc 9c6df33e3bf82fa57deb19be63db03dc82ee90cd m

    Merge pull request #6257 from xchwarze/patch-1
    [ticket/16828] Add hook event before find_users_for_notification() ex…

  • Marc

    Marc 3103e99dc7d5484f1a6882170c2ff297f4ff5c17 m

    [ticket/16828] Adjust event to allow modifying notified_users and early return

    • phpBB/phpbb/notification/manager.php (version 3103e99dc7d5484f1a6882170c2ff297f4ff5c17)
  • DSR! <>

    DSR! <> e5b43eabe1cd3bd19669c2810fe3df391974bf95 m

    [ticket/16828] Add hook event before find_users_for_notification() execute

    • phpBB/phpbb/notification/manager.php (version e5b43eabe1cd3bd19669c2810fe3df391974bf95)