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[ticket/13859] Allow up-to-date format for Youtube profile field URLs
lionel-rowe <> lionel-rowe <> 60af39b38cbfb9560b38a9fbd64edac4c702a9d7 m 60af39b38cbfb9560b38a9fbd64edac4c702a9d7 [ticket/13859] Reorder static & public in migration
lionel-rowe <> lionel-rowe <> dd6e11021022348f02242d1fa9aa43c60155daf1 m dd6e11021022348f02242d1fa9aa43c60155daf1 [ticket/13859] Allow up-to-date format for Youtube profile field URLs
Per the tracker issue:

> In 3.1 a youtube profilefield was added in which we can insert our youtube
> username to link to it.... There is just one major problem though...
> New youtube members no longer get an username. So I think we should decide on
> providing different ways to access their profile.

This PR will allow users to use any valid YouTube-domain URL, which allows for
all 3 formats (`/channel/...`, `/c/...`, and the now-legacy `/user/...`).

Per [YouTube's docs](

> ## Channel URL (ID-based)
> Example:
> This is the standard URL that YouTube channels use.
> ...
> ## Custom URL
> Example:
> A custom URL is a shorter, easy-to-remember URL that you can share with your
> audience.
> ...
> ## Legacy username URL
> Example:
> Depending on when your channel was created, it may have a username. Usernames
> are no longer required for channels today, but you can still use this URL to
> direct to your channel — even if your channel name has changed since you chose
> your username. Existing usernames can't be changed.


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