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    Merge branch '3.3.x'

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    Marc 378c63b002957ee75f6d9445513ff3309b95d04e m

    Merge pull request #6436 from LukeWCS/ticket/17068
    [ticket/17068] ALLOW_CDN_EXPLAIN: Refines and expands the description

  • Marc

    Marc 51766ffaee4c3c3dc85fad3a0f3751bdaaaa3ecd m

    [ticket/17068] Slight adjustment to grammar in line with previous text

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  • LukeWCS

    LukeWCS d6e3dfff6d5e54506eaaea26b605b946de0c3920 m

    [ticket/17068] ALLOW_CDN_EXPLAIN: Refines and expands the description
    Concerns the description of the switch "APC > GENERAL > Load settings > Allow
    usage of third party content delivery networks:".

    * The text gives the impression that the choice of the switch state is a
    personal preference of individual administrators. In fact, this is a matter of
    local privacy laws.
    * Missing mention that the switch also controls the integration of Font
    Awesome, part of phpBB's GUI and extensions.


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