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  • Marc

    Marc fc29dfd9df8e15563402da21b79428d1f552ddc8

    Merge branch '3.3.x'

  • Marc

    Marc 9ba6e9b60d948471ae246990ee99edf291587b4c m

    Merge pull request #6567 from rxu/ticket/17233
    [ticket/17233] Add PHP 8.3 tests to the 3.3.x branch - 3.3.x version

  • rxu

    rxu bf26da660a862ccf6269f317bff808ce65869555 m

    [ticket/17233] Add PHP 8.3 tests to the 3.3.x branch

    • .github/workflows/tests.yml (version bf26da660a862ccf6269f317bff808ce65869555)
  • Marc

    Marc a9b5dcd9540015c47cba46f01e75da68f4c92fd9 m

    [ticket/17176] Use different call to cause a notice
    The previous call was upgraded to cause a warning in PHP 8.3


    • tests/error_collector_test.php (version a9b5dcd9540015c47cba46f01e75da68f4c92fd9)