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  • Marc

    Marc 66c4c6748fd10fdcc1ea1febf8051b9de2568f29

    Merge branch '3.2.x'

  • Marc

    Marc a2f5468e8e5852cc0c37c2fe19c251b932992625 m

    Merge pull request #4991 from Sophist-UK/ticket/15390
    [ticket/15390] Fix vertical bar permission tooltip

  • Marc

    Marc 5485563e05015b241298b49ed9439323540201e5 m

    [ticket/15390] Prevent dropdown from being incorrectly offset

    • phpBB/adm/style/permission_mask.html (version 5485563e05015b241298b49ed9439323540201e5)
  • Sophist <>

    Sophist <> 4a8aa339d0c0cea719ed235a7a8bd2e00efdb544 m

    [ticket/15390] Fix vertical bar permission tooltip
    Fix a vertical bar and menu text running through the Admin Permission
    Role Tooltip pop-up caused by z-index on menu div (and opacity of the
    popup of .95 rather than 1).


    • phpBB/adm/style/admin.css (version 4a8aa339d0c0cea719ed235a7a8bd2e00efdb544)