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ccd2bc9bb922ae6993bd9bf2eb4c8f06a53b7181 ccd2bc9bb922ae6993bd9bf2eb4c8f06a53b7181
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#373 (Changes by Marc)
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Tristan Darricau <> Tristan Darricau <> ccd2bc9bb922ae6993bd9bf2eb4c8f06a53b7181 ccd2bc9bb922ae6993bd9bf2eb4c8f06a53b7181 Merge branch '3.2.x'
* 3.2.x:
Tristan Darricau <> Tristan Darricau <> 911c46cc61cd64913283509602a2db9e7c86b914 m 911c46cc61cd64913283509602a2db9e7c86b914 Merge branch 'prep-release-3.2.3' into 3.2.x
* prep-release-3.2.3:
Tristan Darricau <> Tristan Darricau <> c4cef8c42710975bbaa4245d6df0c172bf44647e m c4cef8c42710975bbaa4245d6df0c172bf44647e Merge pull request #5238 from avijc/ticket/15680
[ticket/15680] Point to 3.2 documentation

  [ticket/15680] Point to 3.2 documentation
Tristan Darricau <> Tristan Darricau <> 4a2d417981df3ac057475841405a3c790502d1ad 4a2d417981df3ac057475841405a3c790502d1ad Merge pull request #5234 from hanakin/ticket/15679
[ticket/15679] notifications ucp front-page looks poor due to cp styling inheritance

  [ticket/15679] Overide css inheritance in cp.css
  [ticket/15679] assign proper classes to html
Tristan Darricau <> Tristan Darricau <> 1c2e0aa1d315659a8c8657774aa75c79b2dbfad1 1c2e0aa1d315659a8c8657774aa75c79b2dbfad1 Merge branch '3.2.x'
* 3.2.x:
  [ticket/15680] Point to 3.2 documentation

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