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Marc Marc d80b208a4b3677ee8b6518212be7ab8c56aaeaf9 d80b208a4b3677ee8b6518212be7ab8c56aaeaf9 Merge pull request #5303 from senky/ticket/11838
[ticket/11838] OAuth registration from ucp_register
Marc Marc ca408a899cf000d1b06fc4f5b00d9d8fdce91b89 ca408a899cf000d1b06fc4f5b00d9d8fdce91b89 Merge branch '3.2.x'
Marc Marc 3e851907988b5b8e542f0a838cebfa8185b55ac4 m 3e851907988b5b8e542f0a838cebfa8185b55ac4 Merge pull request #5305 from MikelAlejoBR/ticket/15733
[ticket/15733] Remove unused code related to deprecated flood control
Derky <> Derky <> 796dde0428fb7defed3eccfc5ebf0ab7080535f5 796dde0428fb7defed3eccfc5ebf0ab7080535f5 Merge branch '3.2.x'
Derky <> Derky <> 18dd250f5263d4c49c83b18f7f567b3db30c8339 m 18dd250f5263d4c49c83b18f7f567b3db30c8339 Merge pull request #5362 from hubaishan/ticket/15791
[ticket/15791] fix php 7.2 count() bug in memory cache driver

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