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  • Derk <>

    Derk <> 0ac41f80271e269258f5f776dc50ec1db4312206

    Merge pull request #5495 from marc1706/ticket/15924
    [ticket/15924] Fix stylelint after switching to trusty builds

  • Marc

    Marc b74ee356d2f74f7cd0ea33b7e2580106e177da17

    [ticket/15924] Try running stylelint via node_modules

    • travis/ (version b74ee356d2f74f7cd0ea33b7e2580106e177da17)
  • Marc

    Marc dfe3d1321945845f5494a10fa65205f3973447d7

    [ticket/15924] Use default travis node version

    • travis/ (version dfe3d1321945845f5494a10fa65205f3973447d7)