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  • Marc

    Marc 92aa37314a8540c40bb318caadee283c7ea52ffd

    Merge branch '3.3.x'

  • Marc

    Marc b83de54bb4fd3217b41f61de896e73732752d196 m

    Merge pull request #5811 from paul999/ticket/16287
    [ticket/16287] After installation an error message regarding statisti…

  • Marc

    Marc a0ffbfce315ce45df4085d4c83536f2024e71a3f m

    [ticket/16287] Correctly pass json response to PHP file

    • phpBB/adm/style/ajax.js (version a0ffbfce315ce45df4085d4c83536f2024e71a3f)
    • phpBB/includes/acp/acp_help_phpbb.php (version a0ffbfce315ce45df4085d4c83536f2024e71a3f)
  • Marc

    Marc d50d1101fbe991abcc7c42b7e624d4c202c2a8a1 m

    [ticket/16287] Remove loops. prefix in providers loop

    • phpBB/adm/style/acp_help_phpbb.html (version d50d1101fbe991abcc7c42b7e624d4c202c2a8a1)
  • Marc

    Marc b3f80239c1204cdaa69d4de66674d27fd4091da9 m

    [ticket/16287] Use twig syntax and fix coding guidelines issues

    • phpBB/adm/style/acp_help_phpbb.html (version b3f80239c1204cdaa69d4de66674d27fd4091da9)
    • phpBB/includes/questionnaire/questionnaire.php (version b3f80239c1204cdaa69d4de66674d27fd4091da9)
  • Paul Sohier <>

    Paul Sohier <> f866a8fd1bac7da74c88763447ad2f3ff1b9a10c m

    [ticket/16287] After installation an error is given over statistics submission
    The website required specific fields to be available for the
    statistics. This change switched over to a new statistics page on that uses form fields instead, and that returns JSON as value.


    • phpBB/adm/style/acp_help_phpbb.html (version f866a8fd1bac7da74c88763447ad2f3ff1b9a10c)
    • phpBB/adm/style/ajax.js (version f866a8fd1bac7da74c88763447ad2f3ff1b9a10c)
    • phpBB/includes/acp/acp_help_phpbb.php (version f866a8fd1bac7da74c88763447ad2f3ff1b9a10c)
    • phpBB/includes/questionnaire/questionnaire.php (version f866a8fd1bac7da74c88763447ad2f3ff1b9a10c)