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  • Marc

    Marc f95e2c053a9ad4d51b8b25ebddf46c2eec7cba6d

    Merge branch '3.3.x'

  • Marc

    Marc ce97122c6d65212ef2ce663c1612bcf5cb670174 m

    Merge branch '3.2.x' into 3.3.x

  • Marc

    Marc 4eda5218d5a6e1e3aa29472a1c21daa867559db4 m

    Merge pull request #5971 from ansavin/ticket/15591
    [ticket/15591] Add jabber permission check

  • ansavin <>

    ansavin <> 79ea63f164cb1e5a45431c5ba17f8e7c95f7d418 m

    [ticket/15591] Add jabber permission check
    We want to make jabber address unvisible for those users who are not allowed
    to send instant (jabber) messages.


    • phpBB/includes/functions_display.php (version 79ea63f164cb1e5a45431c5ba17f8e7c95f7d418)
    • phpBB/memberlist.php (version 79ea63f164cb1e5a45431c5ba17f8e7c95f7d418)