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  • Marc

    Marc 79bc8752ea84496c8488db96ca1f6f6762b5d433

    Merge branch '3.2.x'

  • Marc

    Marc 9432662c372df946fa9d5b810a5d4bd9896acc84 m

    Merge branch '3.1.x' into 3.2.x

  • Marc

    Marc 997bdc7778f5c967b2acb8479ee1c0dfe909d5b8 m

    Merge pull request #4540 from nicebb/ticket/14876
    [ticket/14876] Allows multibyte strings for exception messages

  • Victor A. Safronov <>

    Victor A. Safronov <> 390a37492dbba7f39539207829eba5d10040b613 m

    [ticket/14876] Allows multibyte strings for exception messages
    All exception messages are sanitized via type_caster::set_var()
    which is called with $multibyte = false.
    This commit allows to pass multibyte messages as well.


    • phpBB/phpbb/event/kernel_exception_subscriber.php (version 390a37492dbba7f39539207829eba5d10040b613)